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Indonesia investigates Suharto wealth  (Reuters,2000/07/01,12:27)
Indonesia's mines and energy minister said on Saturday that negotiations with the family of former President Suharto on returning the disgraced autocrat's wealth to the state would be restarted.

Rescuers find no trace of ferry victims  (Reuters,2000/07/01,12:24)
Indonesian ships scoured the sea in vain on Friday for hundreds of people, mostly Christian refugees fleeing religious violence in the spice islands.

About 5,000 ill in Japan tainted milk scare  (Reuters,2000/07/01,12:23)
Nearly 5,000 people in western Japan have fallen ill after drinking low fat milk suspected of being tainted with a food poisoning agent.

WW2 cost US estimated $3.35 trillion  (Reuters,2000/07/01,12:20)
World War Two cost the United States an estimated $3.35 trillion in today's dollars, according to a declassified documents.

China prevails in US steel case  (Reuters,2000/07/01,12:18)

Koreas agree on reunions, prisoner repatriation  (Reuters,2000/07/01,12:15)
Red Cross officials from the two Koreas signed a deal on Friday to allow reunions of families separated since the 1950s as well as the return of former North Korean prisoners.

Arkansas court panel sues to disbar Clinton  (Reuters,2000/07/01,12:11)
A committee of the Arkansas Supreme Court filed suit on Friday to have President Bill Clinton disbarred as a lawyer for denying his sexual contact with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Koreas summit weakened U.S. arms plan  (Reuters,2000/06/30,17:08)
Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said the recent summit between North and South Korea was a step towards stability and weakened U.S. arguments for building a controversial missile defence system.

East Germans still waiting for unification boom  (Reuters,2000/06/30,14:57)
The collapse of communism and reunification with the west have not brought prosperity to all.

Mongolian political mud-slinging campaign  (Reuters,2000/06/30,14:47)
Mongolia held its final day of parliamentary election campaigning on Friday amid charges of vote-rigging and corruption.

US seeks key exclusions from new global court  (Reuters,2000/06/30,14:44)
The United States said it obtained an agreement that would keep the door open for a possible exemption of U.S. soldiers from prosecution in the world's first ever permanent criminal court.

More possible breaches at US nuclear lab  (Shenzhen Daily,2000/06/28,08:09)
LOS Alamos National Laboratory, already under fire for the temporary disappearance of hard drives containing nuclear secrets, had two more possible security breaches this week.

Iran says nuclear issues not discussed in China  (Reuters,2000/06/27,10:52)
Iranian President Mohammad Khatami was quoted on Monday as saying his talks in China last week did not cover nuclear cooperation.

First step of human gene map finished  (Reuters,2000/06/27,10:47)
Scientists said on Monday they had finished the first big step toward mapping the human genetic code by finishing a rough draft of the genome map and by assembling it into the proper order.

House rejects curbs on U.S. gun agreement  (Reuters,2000/06/27,10:34)
he U.S. House of Representatives on Monday night narrowly defeated a measure to bar the Justice Department from applying or enforcing a gun-safety agreement with handgun maker Smith & Wesson.

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